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Zümi: Compact AI Car Kit Teaches Self-Driving Technology

ZumiArtificial intelligence was once the stuff of science fiction, but today we are seeing it appear increasingly in our day to day lives. As AI advances, familiarity with and knowledgeability about its functions and capabilities will become increasingly valuable.

Zümi is an affordable, educational car kit that has been designed to teach the common person how AI and self-driving technology actually work. Not only is she affordable, she is compact and can actually drive on a miniature track.

In order to teach deep learning, machine vision, basic robots, python, self-driving car decision and ethics, and routing algorithms, the creators of Zümi have created an approachable educational tool for everyone, not just “geeks” or young people. With industry standard tools like TensorFlow and Open CV, the opportunity to learn like a self-driving car engineer is within reach.

Navigating a miniature map can take less than an hour, and the more Zümi is trained, the better she will be on the track. Zümi can be programmed to take the optimal route to a destination, and you can train her to identify objects and make decisions as she drives along. She can also read hand gestures and will take instructions when you signal them to her. Most impressive yet, Zümi can be trained to recognize friends and family, and she is programmed to recognize smiles or frowns.

Equipped with Raspberry Pi Zero, Zümi also has a pi cam, on-board buzzer, arduino-compatible PCB, gyrometer, 6 IR sensors, 2 DC motors, accelerometer, 128 x 64 OLED, and a 60 minute battery life.

For beginners, there is a web-based IDE available to write code for Zümi using a block-based coding and Python with no special set up for the standard browser. Those who have more experience coding can write their own TensorFlow and Keras code to craft their unique self-driving car experiments and create their own neural networks to train Zümi to categorize objects and accurately identify gestures.

Either way, block-based challenges keep it simple to learn regardless of age or education in programming. Follow Zümi’s interactive tutorials and learn step by step.