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Zulily Introduces Price Comparison Feature Aimed at Amazon,

Photo Credit: MoneyBlogNewz via Flickr cc

In a bold and risky move, the struggling e-commerce company Zulily is launching a price comparison feature on its site. This feature will tell shoppers how much cheaper Zulily is than either Amazon or Zulily sells many items not sold by Amazon or Walmart, so while many product pages will feature a price comparison, not all will.

It’s a bold move, coming as Zulily fights to regain popularity among shoppers, and it’s risky, as Walmart and Amazon certainly have the ability to strike back with price cuts.

The comparison will show up on thousands of Zulily product pages each day, as long as the exact item is also sold by either Amazon or In testing, Zulily says it found it had a lower price than the two large competitors 97 percent of the time.

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