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Wynd Halo and Home Purifier Monitor and Clean the Air Inside Your Home

Take a deep breath. Do you know what particles were in the air that you just inhaled? There are a multitude of allergens, pollution, and dust inside your own home. While purifiers can clean the air in each room, they do not monitor what types of allergens or particles are present. Wynd Halo and Home Purifier work together to keep your home clean of all harmful allergens in the air.

Wynd Halo

Let’s start with the Wynd Halo. It’s a monitoring system that can be placed anywhere inside your home. Wynd Halo uses a specialized Air ID program that monitors for several problems: pollen, smog, smoke, pet dander, carbon dioxide, and chemicals. Wynd Halo’s sensors also keep an eye on the humidity, VOCs, and the temperature.

All information collected from Wynd Halo is then transmitted to the companion app. Here, users can receive recommendations, learn the surrounding air quality outside, or manage the Home Purifier system. Wynd Halo is also compatible with smart systems like Nest, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, or other lighting systems. Users can manage all of these household programs through the Halo app. You can even set up your purification system to work on a timer.

Wynd Halo comes with five different optimization options: allergies, baby, productivity, exercise, and sleep. If you suffer from seasonal or long-term allergies, the allergy setting allows you to keep a close watch on the air quality inside your home. The baby setting is perfect for nurseries. Wynd Halo controls both the temperature and air quality in the room, protecting your infant from harmful dust and pollen. If you work at home, the productivity setting will ensure that you have perfect lighting, low noise interference, and clean air. The exercise setting keeps the temperature and CO2 low to keep you motivated during an in-home workout. Finally, the sleep mode keeps you comfortable in bed while offering a steady stream of purified air.

While the Wynd Halo keeps you notified, the Home Purifier does all of the heavy lifting. By using data submitted by the Halo system, the purifier removes all allergens, mold, dust, and pollution from the air inside your home. The Wynd Home Purifier also works more efficiently compared to other home purifying systems available. The system can clean a 1,200 square foot space in just 30 minutes.

Wynd Home Purifier uses a V-Series HEPA filter to get the job done. Each filter features three different layers: antimicrobial pre-filter, coconut shell activated carbon to remove toxic gasses, and the HEPA filter and carbon to remove all remaining allergens. Silver is also embedded in each filter to kill germs.

The Wynd system goes above and beyond the traditional home purification system. Wynd Halo and Home Purifier protect you and your family from harmful allergens and pollution while adding a layer of comfort inside your home.