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WristReaders: Stylish Wrist Wear or Hip Reading Specs?

WristReadersWe’ve all heard of wearable tech, always with us, to help us keep track of things and stay organized. Well, now Off the Cuff Optics has introduced “wearable specs.” WristReaders, their unique wrapable reading glasses, might just be the new wearable “tech” for some of us more timeworn humans who have found ourselves struggling to read menus, labels, bills, or texts. But don’t be fooled. The clever, bold design of these novel reading glasses is anything but old-fashioned.

Unlike traditional frames, which consist of temple arms, ear pieces, and nose clips; the soft, flexible WristReaders frame is constructed as a single, continuous form. A molded bridge fits over your nose while the ends of the form rest at the temples, using gentle tension to hold them securely in place.  

WristReaders 2When not in use, WristReaders can be fastened around your wrist, purse strap, bike handlebar, etc. The proprietary magnetic clasp system (which will also adhere to any metal surface) easily secures your WristReaders, so they’re ready and available whenever you need them.

The scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses are available in 3 magnification powers; +1.50,+ 2.00, and +2.50. Three sizes fit almost any wrist. Five vibrant frame colors offer a variety of fun choices, making it easy to find one that suits your style. Flexible and lightweight, WristReaders are as  durable as they are convenient, and as an added bonus, each purchase includes a donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind, an organization that provides assistance for the visually impaired.