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Why Banks Just Don’t Understand Ecommerce Sellers

e-commerceWhen you think financing, chances are you think of a traditional bank loan. While traditional financing options may work for a handful of ecommerce businesses, banks often fall short when it comes to serving the needs of ecommerce entrepreneurs. Why? Because their approval processes are outdated and they simply don’t understand how an ecommerce business works or why your inventory is spread across 18 different FBA warehouses.

Luckily, there’s a company that does. Meet Payability! They provide Amazon and ecommerce sellers with daily cash flow and lump sums of growth capital.Unlike banks, Payability’s financing solutions were designed exclusively for ecommerce businesses. While traditional financing options rely on credit and collateral, our approval process is based on your sales performance and account health so there are no credit checks and you can get financed in 24 hours. Sign up at to get a $200 sign on bonus.

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