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What’s a Great Walmart Buyer Mean Anyway?

Photo Credit: Walmart via Flickr cc

There is currently a high turnover rate in the buyer profession, so according to Sightline’s Shannon Bedore, when you find a great one it’s worth spending time and energy to work harder, longer and more proactively with his or her team. This was recently proven for them during a first launch where the buyer was willing to listen, challenge, and communicate clearly concerning the company’s goals and objectives. And while Bedore says there’s still work to do, within 12 weeks, this joint collaboration resulted in a 5.5% growth rate for this company, which is already discussing ways to further optimize and offer additional value to its customers.

A lot has changed within the ranks of buyers over the past decade. Including that most buyers no longer stay for more than 3-4 years and a decade younger than what used to be. High turnover, incredibly demanding corporate environments, and an Omni-Channel environment that makes brick and mortar focuses no longer the major force behind public retailer ambitions and goals. While integration seems to be key to this approach, a lack of cohesive systems makes this much more challenging and the burden is on brick and mortar buyers to figure it out, not the other way around.

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