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Walmart’s Former Head of Checkout Innovation Explains Why the Retailer Scuttled Scan & Go 

Photo Credit: Jenni C via Flickr cc

Walmart cited several reasons why it shut down the Scan & Go experiment after expanding it to more than a hundred stores. Low adoption was one of them, along with “friction points” that made the convenient checkout option less than hassle-free, both for the customers and for the retailer. Joel Larson, a former senior manager and head of checkout innovation at Walmart, gave another reason for the abrupt about-face: customer theft.

“You think that the theft is bad on self-checkouts? Wait until you try Scan & Go, where nobody is watching the customers out in the aisles,” said Joel Larson, a former Walmart senior manager who led Scan & Go as the head of checkout innovation before leaving the company in October.

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