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Walmart In-store TV Wall Advertising Open to Suppliers Through TiltCP

Previously reserved for the Entertainment and Electronics category, the Walmart TV Wall, found in over 3,900 Supercenters, is now open to all suppliers whose products and services are sold in store. Through Tilt Creative + Production (formerly Studio Squared), brands can create content for the TV Wall and get it in front of shoppers.

Fifty-five million shoppers are drawn to the TV Wall area each week, spending an average of 11 minutes in front of over thirty HD televisions continuously running content. As one of Walmart’s only in-store advertising opportunities, the TV Wall provides the unique chance to extend the brand’s voice and show products in action as opposed to just static images.

This kind of advertising draws attention to Walmart exclusives, new launches, and existing items on the shelves with engaging, kinetic, and family-friendly content developed to promote the product and highlight the quality of the TVs.

In-store advertising, with a clear call-to-action, works to help steer shoppers to the promoted item. Unlike broadcast advertising, which has to motivate consumers to go to the store, the customer is only steps away from the product—right at the point of purchase. At this point in their trip, the shopper may know they need a certain item, but they don’t know which brand they intend to (or should) buy. In-store promotion can quickly narrow their search.

TiltCP bridges the gap between suppliers and Walmart’s TV wall. Many brands already have content ready to go up on the screens, but if not, TiltCP can tailor existing spots or collaborate with the brand to create new work from scratch. Equipped with resources like a 15,000-square foot production studio and a staff of writers, editors, and animators, TiltCP develops content that drives sales.

As a company that has worked with Walmart for the last decade and created more than 12,000 pieces of video content, TiltCP is uniquely suited to address shopper marketing needs. Drawing on their experience in creating spots for social media, digital endcaps, and the TV Wall on Walmart’s in-store network, TiltCP specializes in catching the audience’s limited attention in seconds.

Through TiltCP, brands can put their products in front of tens of millions of Walmart shoppers a week.