Skip to main content Offers Two-Day Shipping Tag to Merchants in a Major Play Against Amazon

Photo Credit: Walmart via Flickr cc’s green two-day shipping tag is much like Amazon’s Prime tag – except it appears on far fewer products. At least, it did. Now Walmart has extended the offer of the use of its two-day shipping tag to any third-party or merchant that proves it can deliver on that promise.

A wider assortment of products bearing this green tag constitutes a major threat to Amazon, whose Prime tag may lose some of its luster if its biggest competitor can assemble a similar array of goods with two-day shipping guaranteed.

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program has been a runaway success, leading to sales of third-party merchandise overtaking those of its direct selling in recent years. But if Deliverr and Walmart succeed in getting more items on, the distinction — and the reason to stay with Prime — may melt away.

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