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VOLO Go Combines Infrared Heat, Cordless Design for a Better Hair Dryer

VOLO GoWould it alarm you to find out that the same technology used to toast bread is also used to dry your hair? Nichrome wires, commonly used in toaster ovens, are just as commonly used in hair dryers. Both appliances use convective heat to get their jobs done. But should hair really be dried the same way bread is toasted? What is desirable in toast (its hot, crunchy texture) is not so desirable in hair.

VOLO Go is a new kind of hair dryer. Its cordless design means you can take it anywhere, outlet or no outlet. A single two hour charge will give you fourteen minutes on high heat, twenty-four minutes on medium heat, or two hours on cool. Keep in mind that with this high-efficiency hair dryer, the average woman will only need seven minutes to dry her hair completely.

VOLO Go uses infrared heat to dry hair. Infrared heat penetrates hair to dry it completely, rather than warming the air around hair to dry it from the outside in. This latter method often results in heat damage, as the outside of your hair is exposed to much more heat than necessary. And infrared heat isn’t just safe for hair – evidence suggests it is actually good for your hair, promoting a healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles.

VOLO GoIn addition, the sleek charging base includes a USB port and a dish for accessories. An LED battery indicator tells you just how much charge is left. Included concentrator attachments allow for precision drying and styling.

With its cordless design, VOLO Go is the perfect travel companion. Its salon-quality results will endear it to stylists, and its efficiency will be a big help to anyone pressed for time. Post-shower routines will be a little less time-consuming and a lot more comfortable. And minus the toaster oven treatment, your hair will be healthier, too.