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VIA Sneakers Are Made with Recyclable Materials Pulled from the Ocean

There is nothing worse than walking around in wet shoes with soggy socks. No, I’m not worried about sounding overly dramatic. I know many people will agree with me, especially outdoor enthusiasts. Waterproof shoes are usually bulky and leave your feet feeling overheated. Frustrated by these options, the team behind VIA created a waterproof, knit shoe made from recycled plastic.

These shoes look like a standard pair of sneakers. They feature a high-top, foldable flap that will prevent things from getting inside the shoe. The laces strap around the body of the shoe before tying into a knot. VIA shoes were designed for all types of terrain. You can wear them while hiking, going for a run, or just running errands.


The breathable material used in each VIA sneaker wicks away moisture while keeping your feet completely dry for up to two hours. The material is coated in a nano-tech membrane that allows dirt and mud to roll right off the shoe. This same membrane also prevents everyday wear-and-tear on the sneaker.

One pair of these shoes can help recycle 30 grams of plastic from our oceans. The knit layer features plastic that has been pulled from the water. VIA currently comes in two colors: charcoal and ash. There are also a wide range of sizes for both men and women. If you wear a half size, the makers recommend that you size up.