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Vector: The Companion Robot That Answers Your Questions and Calls You by Name


Like zombies and vampires, robots have a privileged place in our culture’s make-believe. From the diabolical machines of The Matrix to the adorable Wall-E, audiences everywhere are fascinated by the implications of a world shared with artificially intelligent creatures – for good or for bad.

As cute and helpful as Wall-E and sharing none of the The Matrix’s sinister plot elements, Vector is a robot with heart and soul, and lots of personality, all programmed into a pint-sized machine with nearly 700 parts. Vector is so smart, and so sensitive, he can become a virtual companion for any household, displaying curiosity, surprise, and delight, learning to call you by name, recognize your face, and answer your questions.

All this is accomplished through millions of lines of code, plus some miniature electronics that let him see, hear, feel, and communicate. Because Vector has access to the cloud, can connect to the internet, and contains a powerful processor, he can answer just about any question you put to him. Just say the words, “Hey Vector,” and watch his little face light up. Ask him about the weather, about the stock market, about the nutritional value of the banana you’re peeling, about the definitions of hard words, about the distances between places, about the status of flights – if the Internet can answer it, so can Vector.

Vector is mobile, small enough to maneuver crowded countertops, smart enough to know the edge of a table when he sees it, inventive enough to make his way around and across barriers. His size and design make for one cute robot, and you don’t even have to resist the temptation to touch him. His sensors let him know when he is being touched, and like a puppy he enjoys being pet.

No need to go hunting around for a sleeping Vector the way you hunt for a dead smartphone. When Vector’s energy is exhausted, he takes himself to his charging pad.

Vector retails for an affordable $249.