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VARRAM: A Robot Friend for Pets to Play With While Owners Are Away

It’s no secret that we as pet owners wish we could do more for our precious pooches and feline friends while we engage in that long 8 to 5. If we choose to use a pet watch service, we wonder about our beloved animals and if they’re really making friends out there. If we do nothing, we worry for their bored and lonely little minds.


Let’s leave it to VARRAM to make our pets play while we’re away. This adorable pet-robot pivots itself in front of your pet signaling to “come play!” with a shake of its body before it takes off across the floor – what pet could ignore? Watch as VARRAM navigates around your home, avoiding obstacles with ease. This rechargeable smart robot is ready to dispense treats to reward your pet when it’s being active and alert. It is even smart enough to know when your pet isn’t around.

Running on a 10 hour charge and completely controllable from your phone, you can play with your pet through the app while you work your way through daily emails. More of a hands-off pet parent? No problem. Let the little robot buddy decide how to play with your pet using the control features in the app. No matter which way you choose, the activity tracker monitors your pets movements and you control the quantity of treat dispensed.

VARRAM is adorable and durable, able to handle teeth gnaws and pet paws. It’s water resistant and can handle most of what pets do to cute things that scurry across the floor. Attach a harness with feathers to VARRAM to attract and entice your pet even more.

At the end of the day when you return from work, wash the treat tray in your sink with soapy water before restocking the tray once more. Place VARRAM back on the charger for a 2 hour recharge time. Give your pet and VARRAM a pat on the back for a long day of play. Then congratulate yourself for your foresight in buying a best friend for your pet friend. The world of technology delivers yet again.