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VaBroom: This Broom and Vacuum in One Eliminates the Dust Pan

VaBroomMy husband and I welcomed Iris into our family in 2015. She is a loving, vivacious, fluffy Siberian Husky. While I adore Iris, cleaning up her hair has slowly become a full-time job. I clean the floors at least once a day. That means I’m dragging out the vacuum, brooms, and dustpans. Personally, I got very excited when I first heard about the VaBroom. It’s a broom that features a built-in vacuum to pick up hair, spills, or whatever life throws at you.

VaBroom eliminates the need for a dustpan in your home. Simply sweep up the mess, lean the smart nozzle towards the trash, and you’ve got clean floors in seconds. The suction is activated by pressure, so you don’t have to worry about wasting power. Rather than relying on power cords, VaBroom is powered by four AA batteries. One set of batteries can power more than 500 uses.

VaBroom carries a 14,000 RPM motor that can handle anything in your home, including dust, pieces of food, and cat litter. VaBroom’s storage compartment can hold up to one cup of trash. There’s also a quick release button to easily empty the compartment. When you aren’t using VaBroom, the lightweight device is easy to store in a closet or pantry.

You don’t need a home full of pets or children to justify the VaBroom. This unique tool is an easy way to keep your floors clean without all the cleaning gear.