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Urbz Hanging Garden Pods: A New Kind of Indoor Garden

UrbzFresh flowers, herbs, and succulents can add a special touch to any home or apartment. While there are plenty of benefits to growing fresh plants inside your home, you might not have the space to pull off an indoor garden.

Urbz allows those with green thumbs to enjoy plants without taking up counter space. It’s a gardening pod that attaches to any wall or window. The attachment can hold up to 25 pounds, so don’t feel as if you can only grow little plants such as basil, thyme, or mint.

Each Urbz pod is shaped like a half orb. The circular design features a mounting clip, drain holes, and a water catch basin. This allows you to water your plants without worrying about making a mess inside your home.

Urbz is made with recycled ABS and is reusable. The clear plastic also allows you to see nature in action. Urbz is an opportunity to teach children about sustainability and growing your own food.

The BPA-free pod measures out at three inches deep with a six inch circumference. Each pod is small yet powerful. If you accidentally drop one, don’t worry. The pod is made with shatter-resistant materials.

Adding Urbz to your home offers more than just a decoration. It’s a learning opportunity and a chance to breathe in the fragrance of flowers inside your home. And adding fresh basil to your homemade marinara is nothing to scoff at, either.