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Unbreakable Glassware

verogroupFor those times when fine crystal is too much and a red solo cup is too little, BarLuxe drinkware is there to keep your drink safe and stylish. The company makes virtually indestructible glassware out of the innovative new material Tritan. Tritan is a copolyester, so it is not like the plastic champagne glasses you see at the dollar store around Valentine’s Day. It looks like glass without the vulnerability of glass.

BarLuxe glasses have no seams, are dishwasher safe, and are great for children or anyone who is clumsy (or human). The company makes stemware, decanters, tumblers, shot glasses, and glasses for everyday use. They are specially designed with dishwashers in mind, with care being taken to ensure that the shape cleans easily.

vintage_listThe great thing about BarLuxe products is the freedom the Tritan material allows. Take a couple of wine glasses on a picnic and don’t worry about broken glass when unpacking your lunch. Give a glass of juice to your friend’s kid at a dinner party and relax because you know there won’t be glass to vacuum out of the carpet at the end of the night. Throw a bunch of BarLuxe glasses together in the sink and it’s ensured that they won’t come out covered in scratches. BarLuxe is so confident in their product’s durability, they guarantee to replace any that do break free of charge.