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Unagi Scooters: Surf the Sidewalks in Minimalist Electric Style

UnagiIf you travel for business, or work in the urban core, you’ve probably seen those ubiquitous electric scooters seemingly abandoned on the sidewalk. You unlock one using an app, pay with debit or credit, ride, then just leave it wherever you are when you’re done. It’s convenient, faster than walking, and relatively safe. But what if there’s not one nearby when you want it?

Imagine having your own portable, folding electric scooter you can carry with one hand on the bus or train, stow under your desk at work, or keep in even the smallest car.

The Unagi Scooter is just such a device. You buy it, rather than rent it, so it’s always available whenever you need it. Sleek and minimal, the Unagi is definitely the vehicle of the future for city dwellers. It’s powerful, lightweight, and foldable, making it ideal for getting around in the city center.

Made of magnesium, Unagi is strong, and 33% lighter than aluminum. It’s powered using high-density LG batteries, and it comes in two motor sizes – a single 250 watt motor or dual 450 watt. The tires will never go flat, and thanks to built-in air pockets, they act as their own suspension system. Between the handles, an LED screen shows your speed and odometer and battery life. There’s also a headlight, horn, and power button.

Unagi features a silicone covered deck for grip, a carbon fiber tube that is light and strong, and a brake light on the rear tire for safety.

Total range on a single charge is fifteen miles. Charging takes between 4 and 5 hours. Unagi weighs less than 25lbs, but varies based on motor size. High-end automotive paint rounds out the list of features, in your choice of blue, grey, white, or black.