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U.K. Consumers Aren’t Quite Ready for Genderless Fashion

Photo Credit: Vaughan Leiberum via Flickr cc

Last year a group of U.S. retailers announced a gender-neutral clothing campaign, citing increased consumer demand. But it appears that U.K. consumers aren’t quite ready for a gender-neutral world, and a new initiative from John Lewis has many of its shoppers up in arms.

When the British department store announced it was doing away with gendered labels on its children’s clothing, some consumers threatened to boycott the retailer, calling its “politically correct nonsense over children’s clothes labeling” ridiculous.

“While many have praised John Lewis’s decision to be more inclusive, others are up in arms, with some threatening to boycott the retailer. Chairman of the right-wing Campaign for Real Education Chris McGovern said that the decision may be ‘well-intentioned,’ but ‘following the fashion to go genderless…risks confusing children and foists adult worries onto young people.'”

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