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Tronex Is a Flashlight for the Modern Age

TronexWe humans are technically diurnal, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking up a variety of nocturnal activities. And yet we aren’t really equipped for the night. We don’t have the eyes of a cat or the ability to echolocate like a bat. But we do have ingenuity and resourcefulness. Hence, the flashlight. For something so necessary, it’s no surprise that we have seen endless variations on this theme: the standard flashlight, the headlamp, the lantern, the bike light, etc. But Tronex might be the best one yet. It truly is a flashlight for the modern age.

Tronex straps on over your shoulder on one side and under your arm on the other with a retractable belt, the same way you carry a messenger bag. Its glowing circular body rests on your back, while its lenses project on cables on either side of you, over your shoulders. The glowing body will keep you visible from behind, while the high-powered flashlights illuminate the area in front of you.

The turbo mode produces an astonishing 4500 lumens, but the battery will last longer (up to 24 hours) on a lower setting. There are four modes total to choose from. Each lens is adjustable, so you can customize the amount and distribution of light very precisely to fit the needs of your situation. If you choose to use just one lens, you can double the flashlight’s run-time.

The creators of Tronex used aircraft-grade matte aluminum as their material of choice, which is as hardy as it sounds: this flashlight is perfect for everyday use year-round and in any weather. And with its powerful battery, Tronex doubles as a power bank with the capability of charging multiple smartphones or even a drone.

Tronex is a flashlight that compromises on nothing, leaving your hands free without sacrificing power or customizability. Whatever your nocturnal activity of choice, Tronex is an ideal companion, amply compensating for what would otherwise make nighttime adventures a lot less fun.