The Next Level: How to Turn Your Amazon Startup Into a Multi-Million Dollar Machine

Do you have trouble keeping track of everything that needs to be done in your business? Have you become completely overwhelmed with the success you've had so far? Welcome to entrepreneurship!


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Why is it that most people become frazzled and burned out while growing their business into a multi-million dollar machine, while a select few somehow have the ability to run several businesses simultaneously? This session will show you how!

The truth is - Most entrepreneurs can make a million bucks, but very few ever make it past that level. The hustle-and-grind that fuels new entrepreneurs to build successful startups ends up burning most people out. Once your business hits a certain point - you need to change how you work, and how your company runs. Those who fail to do this will fizzle out and go back to their 9-to-5, while those who graduate from startup to 'real business' achieve the freedom they've always been seeking.

**This second session is specifically about breaking through $1-2mm/yr. Will has worked with a lot of sellers at this level, and have noticed many patterns in the mistakes they make. This session covers systems, automation, processes/SOPs, team building, management, accounting.

What you will learn:

  • Why Most Entrepreneurs Will NEVER Build a Real Business
  • How to Convert Hustle-and-Grind Startup Success Into a True Business Asset
  • How to Create a Company That Works For You (rather than just replacing your full-time job)



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