Ace Your Next Buyer Meeting

Don’t be caught unprepared or unaware of what your merchant will be expecting of you during this crucial meeting.


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This interactive live broadcast covers everything you need to be prepared for a buyer meeting. Including, reviewing your current assortment, assessing the health of your business and presenting new item opportunities.

What you will learn:

  • Scorecard review
  • Review of the current assortment
  • Review of historical sales
  • Estimate future sales
  • Identify top-selling stores, modulars/planograms and regions
  • How to visually illustrate your findings
  • Identify your core shopper(s)
  • How to communicate market trends and make your brand stand apart
  • Be prepared to show and explain why your product(s) are important to Walmart
  • How to present new items for the assortment


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James Harris

High Impact Analytics


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high impact analytics






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