Leading High Performing Supplier Teams

Have you ever seen a Walmart or Sam’s Club supplier team being recognized onstage as a “Supplier of the Year” and wondered what makes them so special? Yeah, us, too. So we asked them. A lot of them. And you know what? They told us.


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More than the same old pep talk on getting things done, you’ll hear seasoned leaders discuss how they structure their team, how they staff for tomorrow’s challenges, how they “localize” their company culture in order to succeed in Bentonville, and how they prioritize their efforts in order to produce the results that matter most.

Instructor Stu Todd served under General Norman Schwarzkopf in the US Army, and started his 30 year career in CPG at Procter & Gamble. Stu has since served in leadership roles for a number of Walmart supplier teams, including Johnson & Johnson, Universal Studios, and World Kitchen.

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Anyone attending this event is automatically registered for Stu's Fifth Thursday meetups, and is eligible for one-on-one coaching with Stu and his team, who can help guide you (and/or your team) through the creation and implementation of a customized development plan.


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