Retail Link Fundamentals

Retail Link is the most powerful and invaluable business management tool in the retail world. - However, it’s only as useful as your ability to navigate and leverage it.


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This course is taught by seasoned Supplier Veterans – they’ve been utilizing this complex tool for decades and are ready to show you the tricks of the trade!
Students new to the world of Retail Link will come away from this class with a wide understanding of Walmart fundamentals, as well as how to utilize the Retail Link tool to better understand their business from a sales and replenishment prospective. They will also leave in possession of a number of custom Retail Link reports, as well as the opportunity to analyze their company's performance in the presence of an expert facilitator.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Retail Link Overview
  • Retail Link Navigation
  • Comprehensive Store Listing
  • Common Tools
  • Documents vs. Applications
  • DSS column definitions
  • Understanding the Walmart Calendar
  • Supplier Guide Interface
  • Introduction to Query Building
  • Meet the Scorecard

**Retail Link® ID required.

**This course is applicable to Walmart Canada suppliers





Julie James

Retail Link Expert




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