CPG Innovators Workshop

Do you have a great new consumer product? We'll help you get it on the shelf.


Did you know that of approximately 30,000 new consumer products that are launched in a given year, 95% will ultimately fail? Matt Fifer and his team are among the most connected in the worlds of retail and consumer consumer packaged goods, and they have developed a personalized mentorship workshop designed to help early stage and small consumer product companies get — and then stay — on the shelves of the country’s top retailers.

Matt and his team are based in Bentonville, Arkansas, home to 3 major retailers and to nearly 1,400 consumer product companies who have moved their most talented people to the area for the purpose of looking after their most important customer.

Drawing from this huge pool of knowledge and experience in the areas of consumer product marketing and supply chain, they are uniquely positioned to offer young and growing teams opportunities to improve their skills, develop strategies, and meet people who can help them realize their potential.

We'll help you answer the tough questions based on where you are right now, and establish important connections to move forward by:

  • Evaluating Your Product, Team, and Organizational Readiness
  • Refining Your Go To Market Strategy
  • Enabling You to Find the Right Representation and Other Key Partnerships

Upon registration, Matt and his team will schedule a call to gather basic information in order to make the very most of your time in Northwest Arkansas.