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Top Retailers Are Investing Heavily in Their Stores

Photo Credit: via Flickr cc

Despite ongoing predictions that brick and mortar is on its last leg, the success of several popular retailers tells a different story. Even Amazon, brick and mortar’s biggest threat, has realized the importance of real estate and is investing in stores of its own.

But while physical stores are still necessary, it is important for companies to offer their customers an easy, convenient experience and a reason to visit – something five of the nation’s top retailers are investing heavily to do.

“Brick-and-mortar retailers need to give consumers a reason to visit stores instead of making online purchases, and, to that end, an increasing number of companies have started investing in stores,” Hong Kong-based Coresight Research analyst Albert Chan said in a research note. “We expect an increase in retailers’ capital expenditures to remodel stores as the competition to attract store traffic intensifies against the backdrop of increasing penetration of e-commerce.”

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