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This Smart Squeeze Ball Relieves Stress and Improves Grip Strength

Grip strength isn’t something you think about until you really need it, such as when you’re carrying two armloads of grocery bags inside or toting heavy shopping bags around the mall. And odds are you already know the tired, achy feeling of worn out fingers after a long day at the computer. Squegg is the smart squeeze ball that promises to increase your grip strength and give weary typists’ hands a break.


Squegg’s design makes it the most sophisticated yet intuitive squeeze ball you are ever likely to encounter. Soft, springy silicone gives you an enjoyable stress relieving, grip strength improving session. Indentations for your fingers ensure an optimal grip, and its 80 hour working battery life (do not confuse with standby time, which is a full 160 days) means that Squegg is almost always ready. Charging via the included cable takes 2 hours. But take note: the cable the smart squeeze ball comes with is just for charging – Squegg connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where the free app tracks your progress and even allows you to compete with family and friends.

At 66 grams and 68 mm length, the smart squeeze ball is small enough to fit in your pocket, in your desk drawer, in your purse… Chances are if you keep your wallet or phone there, Squegg will fit, too. So unobtrusive is this little gadget (no obnoxious sounds, no distracting light-up features) that you can take it and use it anywhere. Any time your are feeling antsy, fidgety, jumpy, or anxious, you can use Squegg to take your stress level down a notch or two and expend some of that nervous energy, all while improving your grip strength. And if your hands are tired from hours spent typing, this sort of grip training will actually come as a welcome respite.