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The Yaasa Elements Blanket Heals and Protects While Keeping You Warm

Whether your pain is physical or psychological, curling up with a soft blanket is almost guaranteed to make you feel better. Taking care of yourself is the first step in the path to healing, and now there is a blanket that claims to have more than the average blanket’s wellness properties.

Yaasa Elements Blanket

The Yaasa Elements Blanket has healing built in. SeaCell™ fibers in the organic cotton contain actual antioxidants found in seaweed that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are highly unstable as a result of having unpaired electrons. Electrons not in pairs seek to become paired, so free radicals can damage healthy cells by taking away their electrons. In terms of health, our bodies really are a battlefield, even on the cellular level. Think of The Elements Blanket as a very comfy shield.

But its medicinal properties don’t end there. Infrared fibers in the blanket actually cause your blood vessels to expand, increasing circulation and keeping cells healthy. Celliant® fibers recycle energy as your body releases it, increasing your recovery time after a hard workout. It also increases your tissue oxygen levels. And it is temperature regulating, meaning that you will neither overheat nor freeze during the night.

The Elements Blanket takes its name from the materials that give it its medicinal properties. The seaweed is grown in fjords in Iceland, and the Celliant® particles are found among the minerals in the earth. Geothermal energy dries the seaweed to create particles destined to become SeaCell™ fibers, the ones that shield you from free radicals.

The Elements Blanket comes in two sizes, travel size and throw size, and two colors, Charcoal and Blue.