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The WaveWrecker Transforms You Into a Surfboard

WaveWreckerWaveWreckerHow many people would like to take up surfing but are a bit daunted? They might be glad to learn that there is more than one way to surf, from different types of boards to body surfing (surfing without any board at all). The WaveWrecker is a body surfing suit that combines elements of body surfing and board surfing.

The WaveWrecker is a self-contained suit made of a tough, buoyant material that makes it easy to stay afloat in the water, whether you’re riding waves or simply floating peacefully. It is available in sizes for adults and children.

It’s specially made collar is designed to prevent water from getting inside, so you won’t be waterlogged or caked in the salty spray.

WaveWreckerThe WaveWrecker has fins on the thighs and arms that allow you to really control which way you’re going, making it not only ideal for catching waves, but also for standard ocean swimming. You can swim, float, or coast along in this suit knowing that it will keep you top side.

You can use the WaveWrecker if you’re a serious surfer or just someone who enjoys going to the beach on the weekends.