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The Titan Sock: A No-Show Sock You’ll Actually Want to Wear

The Titan Sock is a no-show sock for people so sick of no-show socks they have sworn them off forever. The creators of The Titan Sock ask you to give no-show socks one last chance. You won’t regret it.

The Titan Sock took the idea of a no-show sock and fixed all the problems you thought were inherent in the concept. If your no-show sock is constantly slipping off your heel, coming off when your shoes do, stinking after just one day, losing its mate in the wash, wearing out and getting holes, or worst of all, actually showing above your shoe – you might be tempted to call off the experiment and go back to a sock with fewer drawbacks.

But The Titan Sock has features to tackle every single one of these problems.

The Titan SockThis no-show sock is also no-slip. Its silicone webbing heel is the secret behind this feature. The fit is so snug that it will only come off when you want it to. It also incorporates silver ionized antimicrobial thread, which actively kills bacteria, preventing the dreaded odor of dirty socks. The fabric is moisture wicking and temperature regulating, further promoting comfortable and odor-free wear.

The Titan Sock’s black and white color scheme is minimalistic, sleek, stylish, and best of all – uniform. If one gets lost in the wash, its mate can simply pair up again with another identical sock. And the silver ionized antimicrobial thread is complemented by reinforced Titan Thread, which is 15 times stronger than steel. These no-show socks will not wear out or develop unsightly holes.

Last but not least, The Titan Sock will not show above your shoe. It takes the no-show part as seriously as you do.