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The Splitter: A Universal Camping Utensil That Allows Campers to Pack Light

The SplitterThere are several necessities that you won’t want to forget while packing for a camping trip. You’ll need sleeping gear, cookware, and food. Avid outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for an opportunity to pack light. The Splitter allows you to carry several different cooking utensils in one convenient package.

The Splitter consists of two utensils merged into one. A steel pin connects a spatula to a spork. When combined, campers can use The Splitter as a pair of tongs. When you want to separate the utensils, simply pull apart the tools by the steel pin.

The spatula has a serrated edge that allows you to cut into meat or vegetables while cooking. The spork can be used to eat with or as a serving utensil. Both utensils are ten inches long, making it perfect to fit inside dehydrated packs of food.

Each Splitter is crafted with titanium. This type of metal is lightweight, free of toxic materials, and easy to clean. The Splitter is only 1 millimeter thick. This might sound thin and flimsy, but titanium is a very strong material. It’s the perfect metal to stand up to abuse on the camping trail.

Since the team behind The Splitter is big on sustainability, all packaging used for Splitter tools is completely recyclable. Each tool allows campers to pack light and save space while eating in comfort and convenience on the trail.