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The Redesigned Knife Block You Actually Want on Your Counter

360 Knife BlockWhen it comes to a safe, easy-to-access place to keep your knives, most knife blocks just don’t cut it. Some of them dull the blades, most of them are awkward on your counter, and all of them are impossible to clean, making them a perfect place for bacteria to hide. The 360 Knife Block is an elegant solution, letting you store your knives without worrying about sanitation or accessibility.

The 360 Knife Block is just what it sounds like, a knife block accessible from every direction. But it’s so much more than that. Its unique design was constructed around an hour-glass frame that rotates, making it an easy to access tool that can fit virtually anywhere in your kitchen. Its made to hold up to 6 of any sort of knife, with a heavy base designed to prevent accidental tip-overs.

360 Knife Block The reimagined design of this knife block goes beyond its shape. The 360 Knife block is unlike any other knife block you’ve seen: it’s unslotted. Instead of traditional slots you slide knives into, the 360 Knife Block has rare earth magnets just under the surface. These strong magnets hold knives securely in full view.

With the 360 Knife Block, everything is visible and accessible. No hidden areas you can’t reach to clean, it is all out in the open. It comes in a variety of different wood panels, including bamboo and solid walnut. All of the panels are hand made to keep the wood’s beautiful quality, while being wear-resistant.

Nearly every kitchen has a clunky, unsanitary knife block on the counter because there just aren’t that many options. You can live with the traditional wood block, keep a few knives on a magnetic strip, or leave them loose in a drawer. The 360 Knife Block gives you a clean, elegant way to keep your knives handy, sharp, and accessible.