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The Mosi Tea Infuser Makes Brewing Loose-Leaf Tea Easy

MosiLoose leaf tea comes packed with many health benefits related to its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and the leaf’s essential oils. But as busy as we are, most of us end up going the most convenient route, which is a bag of chamomile or green tea. We use the quick brew method even though bagged tea is often bitter and grows stale more quickly. Since the act of brewing loose leaf tea tends to take much time and many tools, Mosi Tea was created to make loose leaf tea more accessible.

Mosi Tea is a patent-pending tea infuser that allows you to brew loose leaf tea anywhere. Its simplistic design features all that you need to brew your loose leaf tea. Fill the silicone sieve and secure the lid. Pour hot water over the leaves and flip upside down for the required steep time. Flip Mosi right-side up to enjoy your fresh brewed tea.

The neatest feature that Mosi comes equipped with is its multisensory drinking cup. The “chemosensation” drinking spout was inspired by ancient Chinese tea cups. This design really amplifies the aromas and flavors of the loose leaf tea.

Mosi Tea is made of shatter resistant material, Tritan, which has the look and feel of glass, but is built to tolerate rough handling and harsh temperatures. Mosi holds up to 12 oz of hot or cold beverages and has a “no sweat” feature.

This flip-top tea infuser is also made from food grade and BPA-free material. The easy to clean flexible sieve is made of silicone, is dishwasher safe, and conveniently fits into a standard cup holder.

Having loose leaf tea as an easy on-the-go option is more than a treat for our taste buds – our bodies will also benefit from the nutritional value of tea. No more bitter bagged tea with Mosi to do our brewing.