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The Flare: A Heated Shirt to Keep You Warm on the Go

Mother Nature can have some serious mood swings. Temperatures in the fall can be exceptionally tricky. Colder mornings might persuade you to add on extra layers, but you’ll be sweating by lunch time. These temperatures can also make exercising outside in the cold difficult. Rather than relying on multiple layers to keep you warm, you could use The Flare and its unique technology to regulate your temperature comfortably.

The Flare works just like an electric blanket. It’s a piece of clothing that radiates heat through a lightweight, carbon fiber heating system. The Flare can quickly spread warmth without using a lot of power. The heating system is powered through a rechargeable battery. There’s a small switch positioned at the bottom corner of the shirt. You can choose between three different modes depending on your needs. The strongest setting will use more power while the lowest will last five hours on a single charge.

Each shirt is made with a quick dry fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. It’s the perfect material to wear while working out or taking part in outdoor activities. There’s a thumbhole near the sleeve to make it easier for layering.

The Flare also features a back pocket for phones, car keys, or snacks. A side pocket is the perfect size for The Flare’s 6000mAh power bank. It’s about the same size as an iPhone 6 smartphone. The power bank can also charge your smartphone.

When you need to wash your shirt, simply remove the power bank and toss it into the washing machine, but not the dryer. It’s best to let it air dry.

The Flare isn’t just for outdoor adventurists. Even if you are just a cold person, this unique heated shirt will keep you warm year-round.