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Taste Plants: A Breath Mint That Promotes Oral Health

Health benefits aren’t usually the first thing we think of when we think of breath mints. We want them to fix our bad breath fast, end of story. But maybe we should give the matter a little more thought. A lot of breath mints contain sugar, and sugar itself can cause bad breath by fermenting in the mouth – not to mention its leading role in tooth decay.

Taste Plants are a different kind of breath mint. They are breath mints that not only avoid the pitfalls of sugar, but actually pack a powerful oral-health punch. Their sweetener is a natural extract called xylitol, and it not only contributes a sweet, cooling flavor, but also helps build tooth enamel. When paired with plants, which add anti-microbial properties and truly natural flavor, xylitol makes for the perfect breath mint.

Taste Plants

Taste Plants come in three flavors (none of which are the grassy, rabbit-food flavors you might expect). The first, Matcha, Ginger, contains ginger oil, and has an earthy, warm flavor, with a little spice. The second, Orange, Cardamom, contains orange extract and has a bright, herbal flavor. The third, Rose, Lemon, Mint, contains rose extract, peppermint oil, and lemon extract, and has a cooling, zesty flavor.

Whichever flavor you choose, you can rest assured that far from damaging your oral health, Taste Plants will actually promote it. These are breath mints you can feel good about.