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Talsam Smart Jewelry Keeps You Connected 24/7

Spending time apart from a family member or partner can be difficult. Those in long distance relationships often struggle to communicate privately in this evolving digital world, especially if they want to avoid communication on social media networks.


Talsam offers a direct and personal line of communication with a loved one. This piece of smart jewelry allows two users to share messages and photos privately through a specially designed companion app. Talsam’s app also allows users to exchange special emojis and videos with their loved ones. These messages can only be read by those wearing a Talsam charm.

In case of an emergency, Talsam even allows the user to send their location and an SOS message to their partner. Users just have to hold onto the charm for more than five seconds. A push notification detailing a location and an automated phone call is immediately sent to their partner.

The charm offers six unique finishes: amazonite, black sardonyx, blue goldstone, gray agate, lapis lazuli, and white howlite. Each semi-precious stone is adorned with six Swarovski crystals. The crystals mirror the Lyra Constellation, a group of stars that are closely associated with love and music. When you receive a message from your partner, the stones light up. The team behind Talsam decided to use hypoallergenic stainless steel as the base for the metal plating. Gold plating is then layered with a protective PVD coating. You can use your Talsam as a bracelet or as a necklace.

A USB connector is embedded within each charm. This allows you to easily charge your device within two hours. One charge will last around 12 days. Talsam connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Long distance relationships can be emotionally draining. Don’t rely on social media and text messages to maintain the spark in your relationship. Allow Talsam to keep you connected 24/7.