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Take Your Survival Into Your Own Hands with Companion

CompanionIn the wake of a disaster, natural or man-made, the first seventy-two hours are the most critical. First responders may not be able to reach certain areas, or the extent of the damage may exceed their abilities and resources. In these kinds of situations, the only person you can really count on is yourself.

With this in mind, many people choose to put together an emergency preparedness bag, but deciding what to put in it can be a challenge. Companion is a newly designed emergency survival system that has done all the hard thinking for you. It is intuitive yet sophisticated, and its materials are specifically designed to see you and one other person safely through the first seventy-two hours of a disaster.

In many ways survival isn’t complicated. There are just a few things humans need to keep going. Food, water, and shelter, combined with the means to treat basic injuries and stay warm, are usually sufficient. Companion takes the basic survival needs and builds on them to create a system that will help you survive and eventually escape. The waterproof and fire resistant kit unzips and opens flat, revealing clearly marked packages with labels like Food, Water, First Aid, Comms, Light, Warmth, Tools, and Sight+Air.


There are goggles, masks, raincoats, and blankets, along with a tent. The tools include a knife, a multi-tool, paracord, duct tape, and signal tape. For communication, there is a solar-powered radio that doubles as a flashlight and a power bank. The First Aid kit has over a hundred pieces. For heat and light, there are matches and a headlamp.

For Food and Water, there are two twenty-four hundred calorie rations of biscuits (twenty-four individually wrapped biscuits in all), along with ten water purification tabs. One tab is adequate to purify one liter of water.

Depending on other people to help isn’t a good survival plan. With the Companion system, you can rest easy knowing you have what is required to take your survival into your own hands.