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SVANKi Lets You Stop Nuking Your Ice Cream

If you have ever been forced to put a tub of ice cream in the microwave just so you could scoop yourself a bowl, listen carefully. You don’t have to nuke your ice cream. You don’t even have to set it on the counter and wait. If in addition to ice cream you have a love of gadgets and sleek kitchen implements, all the better. SVANKi is for you.


SVANKi is a heated ice cream scoop with a single button and a wireless charging base. It runs for a half hour on a single charge, long enough to serve quite a few bowls of ice cream. Its design ensures the perfect round scoop every time, and its sleek aesthetic blends in perfectly with just about any kitchen. Available in Bamboo, Black, and White, SVANKi is easy to match with your other kitchen implements.

Despite the electronic element, this ice cream gadget is waterproof and thus easy to clean. It is also kid-friendly. To keep the lithium ion battery in peak condition, leave SVANKi on its charging base when not in use.

It takes just a press of a button to heat the scoop to between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 65 degrees Celsius). At that temperature, SVANKi will slice through even the hardest of ice cream. Just because your ice cream was stuck in the back of the freezer and forgotten for two weeks and turned into a solid ice cream block doesn’t mean you have to resort to the microwave. SVANKi will still cut through the frozen dessert “like a hot knife through butter,” to quote the creators.