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STRIG Assists the Body’s Natural Healing System Through Self-Massage

Our bodies endure plenty of wear and tear in our day to day lives. Athletes and office workers, commuters and homemakers alike face the frustration of sore muscles.


STRIG is a lightweight (17.64oz), portable (4.1” x 5.2” x 1.2”), and wireless handheld self-massage therapy tool. It has been designed to harness the body’s natural ability to heal.

With reference to the body’s own biological electrical system, STRIG uses microvibration and microcurrent technology to remove lactic acid and deep knots. The curved design improves blood circulation, increases oxygen flow to the muscles, and creates friction heat at the treated area to reduce aches and pains.

Heat promotes greater blood circulation, which then allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the damaged muscle. This stimulation of the muscle tissue allow the cells to repair themselves more quickly. Additionally, STRIG emits microcurrents to prevent muscle soreness by removing lactic acid build-up.

To use STRIG, apply the supplied cream, press the power button, and begin massaging.
There are three modes of power for STRIG. By clicking the power button once, twice, or three times the intensity changes from 8,500RPM, to 12,000RPM, to 17,000RPM.

STRIG’s concave top is designed for areas like the face, neck, forearm, palm, under the chin and calf. The broad grove in the center is intended for larger areas such as quads, hamstrings, shoulders, lumbar, etc. The bottom is a narrow grove meant for parts like the wrists, knuckles, knees, and neck.

The 700mah rechargeable lithium battery charges fully in 2 hours and lasts for seven hours. STRIG also comes with a carrying case for storage and portability.