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Storyball: The Screen-Free Toy That Keeps Kids Active

Younger generations seem enamored with tablets, smartphones, and televisions. Brands have turned to this technology to release new and exciting toys that have dominated the industry over the past few years. While kids are enjoying the new trends, there’s a push from parents to find toys that replaces “screen time” with “play time.”

Storyball is a screen-free toy that allows kids to exercise their bodies and minds. This unique ball-shaped toy uses popular television and book characters to host a number of games, missions, and adventures. Storyball allows your kids to experience their favorite characters without staring at a screen all day.


The device uses intelligent sensory technology to identify more than 100 different gestures and movements. Storyball will emit sounds or vibrations depending on what storyline the toy is following. The team behind the toy put it through extensive testing; you don’t have to worry about any accidents breaking the device.

Parents can track their child’s Storyball use through the companion app. You can also make multiple profiles for different children and download new material.

Kids can easily exchange different characters and games on the Storyball. Each character “skin” carries unique tasks and missions. When you’re ready for a new round of games, simply switch out the personality for a different one. Kids can choose between Chase and Skye from “Paw Patrol,” Magic Ballerina, Sesame the Splendid Unicorn, Pepper the Bear, Snivel the RoboDog, and Agent Ayo. There are number of games for different age groups, ranging from four years and up.

Storyball is more than just a toy. It’s a device that helps kids develop motor skills and social skills. It also fosters an active imagination. Storyball is a great option for parents who are frustrated with excessive “screen time” and ready for a toy that truly engages their children.