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Steadicam Volt: The Latest from an Industry Innovator, Just for Your Smartphone

Steadicam VoltWhen it comes to tripods, filters, and digital effects, Tiffen, the company behind the Steadicam, is an internationally-known corporation. Successful and respected in both the film and broadcast industries, they’ve won Academy Awards (“Oscars”) and been awarded numerous Patents for their products. The Tiffin Steadicam single-handedly changed film-making in the 1970s.

And now, they have a product on Kickstarter.

Several years ago, Tiffen introduced a smartphone Steadicam to moderate mainstream success. The Steadicam Volt is their latest foray into the consumer market, and it has generated its initial funding goal six times over.

The Steadicam Volt can snugly hold any smartphone (case included), or even a Go-pro, with ease. This hand-held camera stabilizer weighs just one pound, and is packed with the features and amenities normally found on Tiffin’s larger Steadicams. Experienced Steadicam users can download the app and utilize powered controls for optimal performance. Beginners can use the Volt even when powered down for professional, shake-free shots and camera angles.

Steadicam VoltThe Volt folds for easy storage, runs on a lithium-ion battery, and is bluetooth enabled. It’s possible to work for 8 hours on a full charge. The power is for Volt’s electronic stabilization, which makes the Volt different from other camera stabilizers that instead use a 3-axis gimbal for movement, then rely on software to correct inconsistencies in a shot.

The Steadicam Volt is user friendly, and not just for seasoned filmmakers or videographers. Just load your camera, power on, and go. No special training or knowledge is needed. Now even amateurs can incorporate professional-looking steady movement into their videos, inexpensively and with ease.

MSRP for the Steadicam Volt is expected to be $199, and includes the Volt, charger, 2 batteries, one micro USB cable, and a carrying case.