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Speaker Creatures

photo-main (11)Shower speakers are a dime a dozen, but these are so personable! A snail and an octopus – the Speaker Creatures – attach to any smooth surface by suction. They sync with your wireless device just like any other Bluetooth speaker, and their battery life will carry them through many showers.

They look like bath toys, more so than any other shower speaker (with the notable exception of the iDuck). When you see and touch one, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to take into the shower with you.

ce0255e6fde6f59c7f958db0b8f1f420_largeThree buttons lined up neatly in a row control a Speaker Creature’s every function.  Plus, minus, and play signs identify the buttons, and each button performs two commands. The play button plays and pauses music, as well as answers calls for you to take on the built-in mic. The plus button, pressed once, skips forward; the minus button, pressed once, skips backward. The plus and minus buttons, pressed and held down, turn up and turn down the volume.

Unlike the Mighty Speaker, Speaker Creatures are water resistant, not waterproof, so keep your shower friends out of the nozzle’s direct spray. If they can float, the makers over at OnHand didn’t mention it.