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Solo Stove Creates a Bright, Hot Fire, Minus the Smoke

For humans, fire has an almost magnetic quality. We love to coax it to life, feed it by hand, and gather around. But no one likes getting a face full of smoke.

The Solo Stove debuted a few years ago and quickly became a Kickstarter success. But the creators have not rested on their laurels. Since then they have released iterations on the original camp stove, so that anyone who loves a good cookout can enjoy a big or small bonfire, regardless of their space.

The newest versions of the Solo Stove are named Yukon and Ranger.

Solo Stove Yukon is for those with the space for a really big fire. At forty-five pounds, the Yukon is made to stay in one place, and it has a weatherproof cover to protect it from the elements wherever you choose to put it. It measures sixteen inches tall and thirty inches wide, and it has all the design technology that makes Solo Stoves unique.

That technology can be summed up in two words: double burn. It is the secret to the minimally smoky Solo Stove fire. The double wall heats up air, then pushes it out over the fire, creating a “secondary burn” that burns up the tiny wood particles before they can become smoke. In addition, the super efficient burning process burns wood into a very fine ash, so there is no wasted wood and virtually no mess to clean up.

Solo Stove Ranger was made with backyard patios and camping trips in mind. It is much smaller than the Yukon, weighing about fifteen pounds and measuring twelve and a half inches tall and fifteen inches wide. It uses the same double burn technology to keep smoke to a minimum and create a really beautiful fire.

Both Yukon and Ranger emit plenty of heat. Ranger distributes heat up to four feet away, while those enjoying Yukon can feel the warmth from as much as eight feet away. Both offer a no-mess, almost smoke-free way to enjoy a wood fire with friends and family.