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A Sippy Cup That Solves All the Problems

photo-main (47)I have some very unpleasant memories involving sippy cups. Black mold features heavily. That, and hunting the tiny and transparent valves out of obscure corners of my dishwasher.

Poli does things differently. Every part is tethered to every other part. The lid comes off with the valves all in one piece, impossible to lose. The small parts open up, exposed to the full force of the dishwasher’s spray. Black mold, otherwise inevitable, doesn’t stand a chance.

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Kids can unscrew lids. Let’s not deceive ourselves. If you don’t want your little angel bathing in the contents of his sippy cup, you need something more than the standard screw on tight lids. Poli’s lid has two tabs that must be squeezed like a pill bottle before it will unscrew: truly childproof.

Of course, a childproof lid won’t do much good if the cup itself is shivered all to pieces. Though it be thrown from a high chair ever so high, Poli remains intact. It may scratch; it will not break.

6382499ce6494abad8adab5b5343b9f3_largePoli cups come in three varieties: Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The artwork is stunning, the rhymes are complete, wrapping around the whole cup.

Made in the USA, BPA and phthalate and lead free, Poli is a sippy cup you can feel good about. Liquid flows freely through the valves, no hard sucking required. Poli even comes with dust covers, stored on the bottom of the cup. Gwendolyn Keefe thought of everything when she thought of Poli, and it was a good thought.