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Shopper Marketing Social Media Panel Discussion

Shopper Marketing Social Media Panel Discussion from Supplier Community on Vimeo.

Shopper marketing isn’t a transactional agreement. It’s a relationship which is led by the shopper, and just like a “real” engagement you have to take time to get acquainted before you commit to one another. On September 18th, 2018 Supplier Community hosted Shopper Marketers’ Toolbox, designed to help you get to know your shopper and retailer and determine the most effective tactics for your business, to drive traffic and increase conversion.

Join our panel of experts as they examine the three things that shopper marketers really care about when it comes to social media – conversion, selection and measurement.

Topics Include:

• Driving conversion across multiple channels
• Optimizing your content
• Shiny objects
• Setting client expectations
• Measuring ROI