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Shopper Marketing Insights and Activation

There’s more to shopper marketing than coupons and samples, and if you wait until your shopper is already in the store, you’ve already lost the battle. Technology has changed the way people learn about and acquire everything from socks to real estate. You have to meet them where they are, with information relevant to them, at a time when they are receptive to your message. The “best practices” ground is always shifting. You need to stay nimble, connected, and aware and on March 12, 2019 Supplier Community brought together a group of shopper marketing rock stars from a variety of suppliers, agencies and service providers to help participants do just that.

In this video, Amplify Retail Executive Consultant Allisha Watkins talks with Hasbro Sr. Manager Nathan Pendleton, Belkin International Director of Sales Janell Martin, Numerator SVP Scott Anderson, Snap2Insight VP Mike Sweeney, Soapbox Influence President Bethany Stephens and Kellogg Company Sales Lead Whitney Cooper as they discuss how insights affect today’s shopper marketing and how to navigate resources while keeping up with the ever-changing industry trends.

Topics Include:

• How insights affect shopper marketing and businesses in general
• Resources options for companies with smaller budgets
• Navigating resources internally and with retailers
• Growing trends in shopper marketing and how to keep up
• The importance of collaboration and learning