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Senstone: Unobtrusive Voice Recorder Lets You Take Notes Anywhere

SenstoneIf you’re one of those people who like to take notes on the fly and refer to them later, you probably should know about the Senstone recorder.

Senstone is a wearable that captures your voice. It requires no internet or WiFi connection to work, so you can wander off-grid and still indulge your inner gadget-freak. A full charge powers it through two and a half hours of constant recording. Once you are back online, your notes are transcribed, and then readable on your phone. Most major world languages are supported, including Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and two dialects of Mandarin.

Senstone is small, barely over an inch in diameter, a few centimeters wide, and weighs .15oz. Its face is shiny and black, with LED indicators that show you which function is currently in operation. Wear it as a pendant, lapel pin, or on a bracelet — either an elegant silver cuff or an adjustable black rubber fitness-type band. Express your style with your choice of four bezel finishes — black, white-grey, brass, and a darker grey Rhodium.

And Senstone isn’t just for recording your own voice — you can record what you say during meetings and short interviews and have those transcribed on your phone, as well. Just remember, it must be in close proximity to your mouth to work effectively.

SenstoneTwo apps are available to work with your Senstone — basic and premium. Premium offers things like punctuation and extra cloud storage, but either allows you to edit, copy, and export your notes and sort by hashtag. For editing on your computer, Senstone currently works with Evernote and Trello.

Senstone comes in a sleek and attractive storage box that also doubles as a charger. Power is supplied to the base via standard micro-USB.