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SelfEco Pot: The Sustainable Pot That Gives Back to the Earth

SelfEco With over 200,000 petroleum based plant pots finding their way into landfills annually and harmful chemical and fertilizers constantly polluting the waters, it makes sense to find ways to cultivate and grow plants without adversely affecting our environment.

The makers of the SelfEco Pot have done just that. SelfEco Pot is an eco-friendly plant pot that is not only compostable, but also contains a built-in protein-rich plant food.

Made from polylactic acid (PLA), which comes entirely from starch plants, these handy little pots look and feel just like plastic. The sides are infused with Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) that act as a natural fertilizer to produce larger, stronger plants without harmful chemicals or other pollutants.

SelfEcoAnd SelfEco Pot’s biodegradable properties make it so easy to replant your seedlings – no more worrying about damaging the tender roots as you transplant them into the ground. With SelfEco Pot, you simply remove the side tabs so the roots can expand and plant the whole thing in the ground. As the pot breaks down it releases important nutrients to feed the roots. That’s all there is to it!

SelfEco Pot  enriches the soil and does not contribute to overflowing landfills. It also provides everyone from the home gardener to the corporate farm a safer option to traditional fertilizers and chemicals – a healthy choice for both your body and the earth.