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Scentium’s Aromatic Diffuser Turns Your Shower Into a Spa

ScentiumThere are many different ways you can pamper yourself inside your home. Adding essential oils and epsom salts to your bath is an easy way to soothe physical and mental ailments. But hectic schedules can keep you from practicing self-care throughout the week. Rather than spend 30 minutes in the bathtub, why not allow Scentium to turn your shower into a miniature spa treatment?

Scentium is an aromatherapy diffuser that is installed in your shower. Aromatherapy is a popular tool used in homeopathic medicine. These scents can boost your mood and physical well-being. This simple diffuser allows you to take care of yourself physically and mentally each day inside your home.

ScentiumEach Scentium comes with complete installation instructions. Once you’ve installed the chrome or matte nickel base in your shower stall, simply fill up the water reservoir. This device is made with shatter-proof Triton polyester, so there’s no need to worry about glass shattering all over the stall. Scentium sticks to your shower with a simple adhesive. It’s easy to move and replace a Scentium system.

The diffuser works by releasing a small stream of water over a scented tablet. The tablet releases different scents and essential oils. There are seven different tablets to choose from: energize, revitalize, joy, focus, motivate, de-stress, sleep, and calm.

Self-care doesn’t have to include expensive massages or facials. Scentium allows you to unwind each day inside your own home.