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Save Space and Organize Your Closet in Minutes with Hurdle Hanger

Hurdle HangerThere’s a strong chance that your closet is a disorganized disaster. Don’t be quick to blame yourself. After a long day of work, you’re not likely to properly hang up your clothes. That’s because traditional hangers are inconvenient. The creator of Hurdle Hanger was tired of spending valuable time organizing his closet and putting away his clothes. He funneled that frustration into designing a hanger that literally takes one second to use.

Hurdle Hanger ditches the clips of a traditional pants hanger. It is shaped like a “greater than” symbol. You can either fold pants over the hanger or slip the hanger through the belt loops of the pants. It takes just a second. Using this method will also reduce wrinkles, saving you even more time during your morning routine.

The hanger is made from high-quality A.B.S plastic. You won’t need to worry about a particularly heavy pair of wool pants breaking it. And the hanger is coated in a non-slip material so you won’t have to worry about pieces of clothing falling to the bottom of your closet.

Hurdle HangerThe Hurdle Hanger allows you to save space in your closet. If you fold your pants over the hanger, you’ll have more room in the lower areas of the closet. You can use the Hurdle Hanger to hang all types of clothing: pants, tops, sleeveless shirts, skirts, and even belts and accessories.

Our daily lives are hectic enough. The Hurdle Hanger allows you to quickly organize your closet. And if you are obsessed with Marie Kondo and her organizational method, the Hurdle Hanger makes it even easier to “spark joy” inside your closet.