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Save Money on Your Water Bill and Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Equilibric

EquilibricDid you know that you can consume an average of 20 liters of water while cooking just one meal? One of the biggest culprits is your colander. Using water to wash and rinse produce or meats can be wasteful. Equilibric is a unique kitchen tool that rinses your food with a limited amount of water.

Equilibric’s two-part system features a traditional colander and a handled-bowl. Simply place the colander into the bowl and fill with water. Once you have rinsed the food, grab the handle and pour the water out. Equilibric’s ergonomic design will keep your food in place while dumping the dirty water. You can place any type of produce in Equilibric, including corn, lentils, and beans.

EquilibricYou can also use Equilibric as a defrosting system. Simply place your frozen food in the colander and let it sit. The bowl will catch the water, keeping your counters clean and dry. You can also use the colander alone, without the bowl. The system allows you to quickly clean food without leaving your kitchen a total mess. Equilibric comes in two different shapes: a circular option and a rectangular option. You can choose between three different colors: blue, grey, and green.

In addition to saving you some effort in the kitchen, Equilibric allows you to save money on your water bill. You may not realize how much water you are using in the kitchen. Equilibric can save you money while also reducing your environmental impact.